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About me

A country girl who's learned to live in the big city, my daily goal is to spend as much of my free time as possible doing the things I enjoy the most: music, art, and writing. The art and music have been a part of my life ever since I can remember, but the writing is a relatively new pursuit. All of them take considerable effort as I have little-to-no formal training. Thank goodness for inborn talent and a huge "Don't tell me I can't do it" attitude!

My musical pursuits are currently being funneled into singing in the Shaare Zion Choir at Shaare Zion Congregation. All of my writing efforts are focused on finishing my first novel, a sci-fi/romance/action-adventure mash-up tentatively titled Fate's Apology. Seeing this through to publication is something I refuse to give up on, despite the many obstacles that seem determined to prevent it. My art…well, projects come and go, and lately this creative outlet has been getting short shrift, but hey—there's only so many hours in the day.

As for my personal background, I grew up the eldest of two daughters in Sayre, Pennsylvania, USA. At age twenty-five, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona and lived there for eleven amazing, crazy years. I now reside in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where I share a lovely little townhouse with my wonderfully supportive husband, Norman, and our two red-point Siamese cats, Doodle and Jitterbug.

This web site was given to me as a birthday gift by Norman, for a place to call my own on the internet where I can share my thoughts and promote my talents. I hope you enjoy what you see here!