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November 2012

Short Snippet, Sunday: No Spectators, Please

I keep meaning to post a blog about why I haven't had time to post a blog, but right now I don't have the time. Fortunately, this hasn't kept me from forging ahead on Fate's Apology and completing part one of the story. So while I keep my promise to myself to use the extra hour I get this weekend to begin part two, here's a snippet from the next-to-last scene in part one.


            Jaiynder pulled Torek's gray, bloody hand out of his pocket. Straightening the stiffened fingers, he pressed its palm against the biosec pad and opened the door to the cargo area.
            "Wouldn't a key be less cumbersome?" Vaim asked, raising an eyebrow.
            "Yeah, but not as nifty a conversation-starter." He pocketed the body part and entered the hold. "Careful, not all the red stuff in here is Rey's." He opened the cage on the right and pointed. "You'll be wanting that blood puddle."
            Vaim felt the dark smears on the metal shelf, then touched her fingers to her tongue. "Useable. Barely." She turned to him. "Okay, time to give a lady her privacy."