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August 2014

Six Things I Learned From My Writing Vacation

I'd planned to write this at the end of my writing vacation but didn't want to spend precious writing time writing about writing. Doing it during my usual writing lunch break at work seemed less a waste, as it's not always easy to bang out anything worthwhile for the WIP in twenty minutes. Today was one of those days, so here goes. The six things I learned during my writing vacation:
Abby Geiger laptop selfie1) Sitting in a chair all day to write is HARD. And I don't just mean the chair. Aside from the discomfort, my brain started to turn to mush even though I was doing the one thing I wanted to do most. Maybe being normally limited to short, much-looked-forward-to writing moments has trained my ADHD muse, but even when I knew in my mind and my outline what I needed to happen in the story, translating that onto a page wasn't always as easy as I'd imagined. On the other hand….
2) I discovered that the more I write, the more I can write. Each day saw a rise in word-count, even though the time spent in the chair remained the same and actually felt like less. The first time this happened was on day five when I ran the all-important numbers and was shocked to discover they were over two-hundred words more than the previous day. The next day saw the same thing happen again, despite it being a day of appointments, shopping, and band practice. Wowee!
3) The next time I take a writing vacation, I will install doors on the kitchen, padlock them, and force-feed my husband the key. Seriously, I don't know how professional writers who work at home, nevermind those-of-us-who-occasionally-touch-the-dream, manage to weigh in less at than an average Hereford heifer. Which leads me to….
4) I finally get the CHOCOLATE thing!
5) I'd say I also finally understand the joys of the underwear writing thing, but I tend to do that on weekends anyway. The only difference is that I tend to be doing it in my basement office, not standing in front of the kitchen window while pouring coffee as the mailman passes by outside. Hey, at least everything matched, so it *could've* been a bikini. (He didn't see me anyway. I still went and put on a nightshirt.)
Doodle in his writing spot.6) I discovered what I'm dubbing The Dolly Zoom Effect. Definition: the closer you get to the end, the further away it seems. It did, and I kept envisioning the 'endless hallway' scene in Poltergeist. So I finally looked it up, researched how they did it, and learned something new that had no bearing on anything I was writing. So there. (I couldn't find a Jaws-free version, but hey, who doesn't love that scene too?) I'll just assume that when I finally reach my goal of finishing this soul-eating beast of a WIP that I'll be flailing about in my nightshirt and panties as well, terrified about the re-writes that must begin. Heh.
There were other things for sure, like the fact that saw how my cats really do sleep 99% of the day, and the only reason I never get cabin fever is because I'm never home, but guess what…that's quickly cured in about five days. Unfortunately, there's no danger of contracting that for a while. My next writing vacation won't happen for another whole year. But at that time, I'll be prepared.
With chocolate!