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Florsoy, the Wild Mare

I always tell people that Fate's Apology is my first attempt at writing a book. Technically it's true, insofar as I'm actually doing it. But it's not really my first. It's my fifth.
Florsoy, the Wild Mare coverI still remember the first time I decided I was going to be an author. I was seven years old. With several sheets of standard typing paper in hand, I was determined to write a book about my favorite subject: horses. Or at least a story about one horse. A horse named Florsoy. Yeah, I know—this invented name leaves a lot to be desired. I don't recall any others that were rejected, as I think I just stuck with the first thing that popped into my little head. To be fair, you don't know what names I'd originally chosen for some of my Fate's Apology characters either. Let's just say they weren't much better, and I think my naming ability has improved a great deal. Thank goodness!
So what was this horsey story about? I'm glad you asked, as I even wrote a logline on my title page. It's about "A beautyful horse which gets in all sorts of danger". Typos and bad grammar aside, I can't even come up yet with an acceptable logline for Fate's Apology, so yay little seven-year-old me for being ahead of the game on that one. And the story delivers too. On the second page, Florsoy is trapped on a mountain by a mountain lion. Wow, nothing like jumping right into it hoof-first!



Florsoy, the Wild Mare title pageAll told, I wrote 393 words of Florsoy, the Wild Mare, complete with illustrations. There was danger, a love interest, and a third 'sidekick' horse. Within two pages, the three were off on their merry little adventurous way when...I discovered I'd written myself into a predicament with no idea where to turn. This story-writing thing was a lot harder than I'd expected, and with my imagination as trapped in a corner as poor Florsoy and her friends were, I gave up. I tucked the papers away with my pile of horse drawings, never to be worked on again.

Fortunately, being a pack rat with my childhood belongings, I still have them. Every single numbered page. I'd obviously studied books and emulated them as closely as I could. The book cover and the title page (both shown here) have no writing on the back, and the first page of chapter one is designed to be on the right-hand side of the book. Page seven, the last page, is completely blank. Such a sad commentary on my self-dampened enthusiasm.
But while it may have been the end of Florsoy's adventures, it wasn't the end of my writing career. Only one year later, I tried again. This time it was a story about people, not horses. I didn't save that one, but what happened with it is a story unto itself. One that resonates to this day.
I'm going to publish Florsoy, the Wild Mare, such as it is, in my next blog. I think my inner seven-year-old will be thrilled. In the meantime I'm curious: do you remember the first story you ever wrote? Do you still have it? What was it about and was it any good? I'd love to hear your stories about your first-ever stories!