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Story Props in my Purse

The other day I was rummaging around in my purse and cut my finger. Not usually one to carry sharp objects amongst the semi-organized mess that is my pocket-book (somehow, that only sounds right when my mother calls it that), I spread the compartment open to see what had bitten me. Then, I laughed. Inside was a round saw-blade, about the size of the palm of my hand. I pulled it out and shook my head. "There's a blog post for ya," I said.
I'd obtained the blade from a garbage can full of scrap metal that was being discarded at the diamond-tool factory where I'm employed. As bemused co-workers looked on, I popped it into my purse, then proceeded to the punch cards, happy to have discovered the toothy blade. Why? Because I recognized it. It's the business end of a Helvarik pogari, otherwise known in Korl Prime as a whipsaw.
Not the kind of whipsaw people use to cut down or to cut up large trees, though. The pogari is a weapon. One I invented and gave to my protagonist, Nala, to use throughout the third act of Fate's Apology. Oh, sure, I could've given her my universe's version of a gun. But there's already enough firepower in the story to blow a hole through a battleship. With one exception in a short scene, I don't even let my other protagonist, Rey, sport one because shooting the crap out of people is too easy. I wanted something different, exotic, and close-range. Something small that could be wielded with a fair amount of accuracy in the short period of time that she has to master it. The pogari, a Helvarik melee weapon, fits the bill. Already, she's found it useful for things other than cutting flesh to the bone. Indeed, if I'd given her a gun, she'd be dead and the story would be over.
Inventing technical stuff isn't my strongest talent, so it helps when I can actually see something similar to what I have in mind. I'm not about to locate an actual pogari anywhere any time soon, but stumbling upon a facsimile of its blade was a fun find. I added it to my collection of real objects which represent things that my mind created. Maybe the weapon wouldn't truly work in real life the way I imagine, but after drawing blood just by pawing for my keys, I can tell you I wouldn't want that spinning blade headed for my face.

Now, if only I could stumble upon a handful of jinari gems and some spiderbreathweave...