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Arts, Charts and Blueberry Tarts

So it's a new year with new projects, and I'm scrambling to get organized so I can churn them out as efficiently as possible. Because although I can think them up and put them on my ta-dah list, actually making them happen within the precious few hours of free time I'm allotted each week is a whole nother story.

First up is the "arts". I need some. As in, I need photos to post with my blog posts, because this particular format gets pretty boring to read without pictures accompanying the text. So I went looking and discovered that 1) most of the sites that offer free use photos don't have what I want, and 2) hunting for what I want on free use sites is immensely time consuming and ultimately time-wasting because I didn't find what I wanted.
So. That means I'm going to have to take pencil in hand and learn to sketch up whatever it is I need. Sound easy? Not really. I'm not much of a cartoon artist, which is along the lines of what I'd be trying to make - something simple and quick to illustrate my point. So I'll have to practice. But hey, that's good, right? A new skill to learn out of necessity. Beginning today.

I'm also about to begin another portrait for my friend's Eric Stoltz fansite, something I don't have to train for fortunately. Having found a reference photo that has all the qualities I require, I'm ready to begin. Give me a few weeks and I'll show you the results. It will look better than this.    ---------------------------------->

Why, you ask, for both of these I don't just post easily-found photos on the internet? Because 1) that's boring and 2) it's stealing. The last thing I need is someone screaming copyright violation, and if preventing that keeps my pencil-hand in good shape, why not just make 'em myself? So there's that.


As for the "charts", that's in the writing category. Actually it's outlines, synopses, elevator pitches and back cover blurbs I'm working on. And those things help chart the completion of the story as well as the later effort that will be required to hopefully get it to print. I've been working on Fate's Apology for far to long to shelve it just because my first-and-a-half-draft hasn't turned out the way I wanted it to. So I took several months off to rethink the areas that need work, make tons of new notes, and re-organize the 'bible' and reference photos-n-stuff. I started a fresh outline today, something I hadn't utilized so thoroughly before, and am looking forward to editing and rewriting the gadzillion words I already have that won't be completely discarded. I'm well on my way again and looking forward to the ride I know my characters are waiting to take me on!

Now about those "blueberry tarts" rhymes and I'm hungry!