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Short Snippet Saturday: The Die is Cast

So I know there's this writer thing called Six Sentence Sunday, where you post six lines from one of your works for people to read. There's even an official site for this little bit of promotional fun.  Well, I never tried it before, so I'm ready to give it a shot.
But wait…
My problem is that I usually cannot find just six sentences that I think work for a short posting that piques interest. So rather than searching in vain for the required content, I'm starting my own tradition that I can carry out just here on my own web site. Welcome to "Short Snippet Saturday", where I'll randomly grab a passage from my WIP "Fate's Apology" and toss it out there. Here goes!


            Jaiynder snorted derisively and shook his head, his tangled hair skirting about his stealthy eyes. "Friends we may be, but in my business, work must override such social conventions. So I would suggest, 'friend', that you make yourself comfortable for the ride."
            The captive man glared at Jaiynder for a long moment, then spat into his face. "I don't suppose you have an extra pillow I could borrow?" he snarled.
            Jaiynder reached up and methodically wiped the saliva from his cheek. "Now that is going to cost you."