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So Buttons

So, I need to get the weeks' lunches ready to take to work in the morning. So, I need to renew my U.S. passport. So, I need to work out. So, I need to call my Mom for Easter. So, I need to sew buttons. Literally. I need to sew buttons.

This is my life at the moment, in all its past-due, piled-up glory. And if you think I'm using "piled-up" as a metaphor, you haven't seen my desk. A laptop whose battery needs charging, a pile of magazine clippings that need filing, an invite from the synagogue to a choir performance, my notebook of high school poetry waiting to be immortalized on hard drive, a stack of my Dad's past several years' worth of thoughts and ideas to transcribe, two winter coats that need missing buttons sewn back on, and a partridge in a pear tree. Which I'll add to the potted gift of tulips that need to be replanted in the garden as soon as winter decides to move further north.

So if you...or better yet I, am wondering why no new blog posts lately, there's your answer. I have ideas. I just had this one. But finding the time to bang them out and draw accompanying artwork is limited. They've piled up mentally like the clippings, coats, potted plants and poetry have, waiting for their moment to be tackled. In the meantime, I've been preoccupied with *deep breath* learning still more songs on the bass guitar for the Jewish musical trio, which is now only a duo, working on the portrait for my friend's web site, continuing the outline of the 2nd and a half draft of "Fate's Apology", and, last but certainly not least, Passover and all its preparation pomp and circumstance. So yeah...send in the clones, because I could use one right about now.

With that, I'm grabbing the sewing box and getting at least one thing off the pile. No, two. I wrote a blog post. Sew buttons, so there!