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Earth Day Poetry

So today was Earth Day. I know, we're supposed to get involved in something, somehow, or at least plant a tree or something to show we're "aware". But I didn't. First of all, it may be April twenty-freaking-second, but in Canada that often means "still too darn cold to enjoy being outdoors without earmuffs". And that was certainly true today. So the most Earth-Day-like thing I did was take the over-stuffed bag of recyclable household trash out to the bin then checked on my freezing potted tulip plant, which may die of exposure long before the squirrels find it. Visible activist, I'm not. Oh well.

However, there's a reason for that. To me, every day is Earth Day. Blame it on crying Indiansgiant do-gooder owls, the Energy Crisis, or just plain ol' childhood visits to an actual landfill to drop off our personal trash prior to the luxury of garbage pick-up in rural Litchfield PA, I have always been abhorrent of waste, pollution, and disregard for the fragile little membrane of space all living things occupy on this little green, white and blue ball in space. It kills me to see people buy cases of bottled water and throw the plastic containers in the garbage, or worse, toss them to the curb. And why more communities haven't made plastic bags something you need to purchase is a question that has no good answer, in my opinion. I've been lugging my foodstuffs and other commodities home in reusable bags for a couple years now, and it's really not a difficult habit to adopt. As far as vehicle emissions, I've never, as a self-sufficient adult, had more than one car in my driveway. Yes, I know - peoples' jobs can interfere with that, but more than once I managed to find jobs that didn't require spending most of the additional paycheck on a second mechanical gasoline-sucking chariot just to get both of us there and back every day, a silly trap I refuse to step into.

In short, I think I already do a pretty darn good job of lessening the impact my existence has on the planet. Sure, there's room for improvement, and when the opportunities present themselves, I'll take them. That said, I wrote some verse in honor of the Earth during National Poetry Month. How come? Because I said I would. Enjoy...and remember this: I never stated anywhere on this blog I was a poet!

The smell of dirt and trees and leaves
Wafts along on gentle breeze.
Boquet of Earth in wooded dale
Gives a welcome scent reprieve.

Daytona Beach at sunrise
Photo by Abby Geiger 2007

Waving fields of grain and flowers
Devouring the springtime showers
Reproduce and give us life.
Earth's gifts grow here by the hours.

Heavy sand and salty seas
Waves that bring me to my knees
The lips of Earth on cliff or beach
Two ecosystems meet with ease.

Take it all, put garbage back
Make the good Earth cough and hack.
We won't get a second chance
Once Earth has had a heart attack.

Stop and think before you buy
Where that ends up when you die.
What we do does matter now
Earth is our only life supply.